Professional Learning Plan

The Professional Learning Plan is a planning tool which assists teachers in documenting current knowledge, setting goals and planning for further learning.

Classroom Visits and Observations

The school leader engages in appropriate “Classroom Visits” processes to observe the teacher and offer relevant feedback and support. 

Reflective Practices

The teacher self reflects on their areas of strength as a teacher and on the areas that may require further support and development. The Program identifies and defines the four facets of the quality teacher.

Feedback from Educators

As teachers and administrators with many years of practical experience, we have a clear understanding of the needs of teachers and students engaged in the learning and teaching process and we want to support them.

Pam is a highly-regarded and experienced teacher and lecturer with particular knowledge and skills in areas such as curriculum, Early Year’s education and professional development. Pam’s Doctoral Thesis on “Reflection and Teacher Development” highlighted the importance of reflective practice in the professional development of teachers. Pam has had a key role in the development of the Prism Quality Teacher Program.

Dr Pam Hanifin

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Jo-Anne is an expert primary school teacher who has extensive classroom experience. Jo-Anne has also worked as a Curriculum Support teacher supporting other teachers with Professional Learning in areas such as pedagogy, the Australian Curriculum and Inquiry Learning. She is particularly interested in the implications of brain research findings on the education process. Jo-Anne has worked extensively on the Prism Quality Teacher Program.

Jo-Anne Downing

Leesa is an experienced high school teacher working in the Middle Years of Secondary schools. She has particular expertise in the Humanities and brings great knowledge and skill to the development of curriculum programs designed to fully engage students.  Leesa has worked for Prism on the Fire Ed and SafeSpace Programs as well as the Prism Quality Teacher Program. 

Leesa Francis

Peter Hehir

Author – Director of Prism Education Services

As an educator, I am committed to recognizing and supporting quality teaching and learning delivered by dedicated, professional teachers. We have written the Prism Quality Teacher Program to help identify the knowledge, skills and aptitudes required by good teachers. The role of the teacher is vital to student learning and this program offers a process to support teachers’ professional development and allows them to show evidence of their learning.

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